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Board of Directors

In 1981 Oren Howell, the first President of the Friends of Dennis Senior Citizens, spoke directly to the people of Dennis.

When did better than 800 people say, “I’m interested enough in the well-being of the community…it’s happening now—history is being made by this community. Some of you for the first time will be thinking about sharing in a project that will benefit the Dennis Community for years to come. Give real thought—talk with some of us who are involved—determine to be involved yourself.” (The Cranberry Scoop, September 1981)

 In 2017 our Board of Directors asks you to “give real thought” to becoming involved.

Talk to those of us who are involved and find joy in our founders’ mission “to be actively concerned about the general welfare and quality of life of senior citizens.”

2017 Board Officers

Robert P. Mahoney, President

Leonard F. Morley, Vice President

Stanley R. Bryant, Treasurer

Dolores Kennedy, Assistant Treasurer

Louis Daniele, Secretary

2017 Board Directors

Janet Bogardus
Henry Bowen
Joseph Dinnan
Vernon Ellars
James E. France
Beverly Hall
Angelina McQuade
Harry Nelson
Susan Putonen
Heidi Schadt
Jack Seaver
Norman Taupeka
Walter A. von Hone
Nancy Wolf

Marie Jainchill, Executive Director
Betty Jane White, Events Volunteer